Professional services for Papyrus

We are Team Cyperus

Team Cyperus is an association of companies with a long association with Eclipse, Papyrus, and modeling who got together to collaborate in delivering industrial-grade products and services around the Papyrus product line.

Why professional services for Papyrus?

Professional services and support for Papyrus is a prerequisite for industrial adoption of open-source modeling products. Team Cyperus members are part of the Papyrus ecosystem and  leading experts in the Papyrus modeling technology, bringing the required technological as well as methodological expertise for the industrial application of modeling

What is Papyrus?

Papyrus is the leading standards-based open-source modeling platform and tool, based on Eclipse. Papyrus provides extensive customization features, allowing it be tailored to users’ needs. Papyrus also benefits from the wide range of available Eclipse open-source plugins providing capabilities such as language support for C and Java or team support for Git and SVN.


  • Technical Support: Get answers and bug fixes in time
  • Training: Methodology and tool use for your domain
  • Tailored Products: Enhance an existing product or create your own
  • Custom Support Packages: Customize any support package to your needs
  • Long-Term-Support enabled: Maintain your preferred version
  • Open-source: Reduced cost with no vendor lock-in

Available support packages

Team Cyperus companies offer a wide range of packages to cover all required services and support, starting with Papyrus evaluation and training to developing custom DSLs based on the Papyrus platform to meet your particular needs. Please see below for details of the services provided. All packages can be customized to your needs.

Papyrus Experts Packages-v7

Additional Benefits

  • Technology radar for Papyrus: Periodic update sessions on current and planned new features and changes in the Papyrus ecosystem, Eclipse platform, etc. in between all main releases.
  • Certified release: Version lineup in your Papyrus product is controlled and tested by us to ensure feature correctness and compatibility.
  • No vendor lock-in: Continued value delivery even if the supplier is switched.
  • Community driven: Faster access to bug fixes and new features.
  • IP certainty: Contributions to Papyrus are closely controlled, preventing GPL type contamination.
  • Superior interoperability: Being built on the Eclipse platform ensures access to and interoperability with a large number of open-source technologies (Git, EMF Compare, CDT, Doxygen, Xtext, etc.).

Packages in Detail

Subscription Package:

  • Product is regression tested for each release
  • Optional Long-Term-Support: all products are LTS-compatible
  • Best combined with a support package

Support Package:

  • Choose a support package size:
    • Small: 50 support hours – 15.000 €
    • Medium: 90 support hours – 20.000 €
    • Large: 300 support hours – 45.000 €
  • Includes product update presentations for each release
  • Detailed terms available on request

Training Package:

  • Package pricing depends on domain and customers’ level of knowledge
  • Available domains are UML, SysML, MARTE and UML-RT

DSL Package:

  • Package pricing depends on DSL and required features
  • Best combined with evaluation package to get good estimates

Evaluation Package:

  • Explore moving to model-driven development on Papyrus
  • Define your requirements for Papyrus-based tooling
  • Package pricing depends on your needs

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